Unleashing My Inner Self with Ala Jaza ft. Farruko: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Unleashing My Inner Self with Ala Jaza ft. Farruko: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Short answer for mi forma de ser ala jaza ft farruko: “Mi Forma De Ser” is a collaboration between Dominican musician Ala Jaza and Puerto Rican singer Farruko.
The song has a fusion of bachata, dembow, and reggaeton rhythms in its melody.
It was released on June 11th, 2021, and quickly became popular among Latin music fans worldwide.

Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding Mi Forma de Ser by Ala Jaza ft. Farruko

Are you a fan of Latin music, but don’t quite understand the lyrics? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll be breaking down the hit song “Mi Forma de Ser” by Ala Jaza feat. Farruko.

Step 1: The Intro
As with most songs, “Mi Forma de Ser” begins with an introduction that sets the tone for what’s to come. In this case, we hear a soft guitar riff before Ala Jaza starts singing in his signature bachata style.

Step 2: The Chorus
The chorus is where the main message of the song is conveyed and it’s usually repeated multiple times throughout. In “Mi Forma de Ser”, Ala Jaza and Farruko sing about being unapologetically themselves and not changing for anyone else. They say “no me importan las criticas ni el que dirán” which translates to “I don’t care about criticism or what others will say.”

Step 3: Verses
The verses give more context to the overall theme of the song. For example in verse one, Ala Jaza sings about how he grew up poor but still maintains his integrity and values despite having money now. Some notable lyrics from this verse are: “[…]soy humilde hasta los huesos aunque tengo mi dinero / le doy gracias al Señor que no me dejĂł traicionar mis principios”. Translated as “… I’m humble through and through even though I have my own money / I thank our Lord above because they never let me betray my principles.”

In verse two, Farruko adds his unique sound to share his thoughts on individuality; emphasizing authenticity over pleasing people-pleasing behaviors. He raps “pa’ lo mĂ­o yo paso la página / si alguien no quiere mi esencia / pa’ la calle sin mucho drama”, which means “I move on from what’s not my due / if someone doesn’t want my essence, out to the streets without drama.”

Step 4: The Bridge
The bridge is usually a transition between a verse or chorus. Here we see this artful technique making an appearance again in “Mi Forma de Ser” as Ala Jaza sings about finally finding his own voice. He says that despite being judged for his style and personal expression, he remains true to himself and encourages his listeners to do the same.

In Summary
“Mi Forma de Ser” is all about embracing your individuality and staying true to yourself even when faced with criticism. Ala Jaza states that he won’t surrender just because of hardships in life – it will never warp him into something else. In collaboration with Farruko’s empowering rapping adds another layer of confidence.

So there you have it! A step-by-step guide on how to understand “Mi Forma de Ser”. We hope this has helped you appreciate Latin music even more while allowing you delve deeper within Ala Jaza and Farruko’s message in their popular hit song!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mi Forma de Ser by Ala Jaza ft. Farruko

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest Latin music releases lately, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard “Mi Forma de Ser” by Ala Jaza featuring Farruko. This infectious track is quickly becoming one of the biggest hits of the summer, and it’s not hard to see why. With its catchy melody and earworm chorus, “Mi Forma de Ser” has captured hearts and dancefloors across Latin America.

But for those who are still unsure about what this song is all about or want to know more about these two artists behind it, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions that should help clear up any confusion:

1) Who is Ala Jaza?

Ala Jaza (real name: Rodolfo de Jesús Núñez Vergés) is an emerging Dominican singer from Santiago whose rise to fame began in 2015 with his debut album Homenaje A Mi Vida. He specializes in merengue típico—also known as traditional merengue—which incorporates percussion instruments like tambora and güira along with brass horns and accordion. His unique sound blends elements of bachata and salsa into his repertoire as well.

2) What kind of music does Farruko make?

Farruko (real name: Carlos EfrĂ©n Reyes Rosado) hails from Puerto Rico and first gained attention on MySpace in the late 2000s before signing a record deal with Sony Music Latin in 2010. He has since become one of reggaeton’s most popular performers thanks to tracks such as “Chillax,” “Sunset,” and his collaboration with Bad Bunny on “Krippy Kush.” In addition to reggaetĂłn, he also dabbles in R&B, trap, hip hop and electronic music genres

3) Is “Mi Forma de Ser” sung entirely in Spanish?

Yes—the lyrics are exclusively in Spanish. However, the music video features both Ala Jaza and Farruko singing in their native languages of Dominican Republic’s Spanish and Puerto Rican Spanglish respectively.

4) What does “Mi Forma de Ser” mean?

Translated as “My Way of Being”,“ Mi Forma de Ser” is a song that celebrates individuality and identity that each one holds on its own without need to copy others.

5) Who composed “Mi Forma de Ser”?

The credit goes to four talented composers including Ala Jaza himself, Armando Rosario Martinez alias A&X (producer for artists such as Daddy Yankee), Carlos Farfán and Diego Erazo

6) Where can we hear more music from these artists?

Both singers’ discography are available on various streaming platforms online be it Youtube , Apple Music or Spotify .A quick search will lead you to hits like Ala Jaza’s “Te Soñé,” “Nadie Se Meta,”and classical favourites from his album Homenaje A Mi Vida while tracks like Farruko´s more recent songs like “Premium,”“Tattoo Remix,” or YK University would showcase how he has evolved over years into different genres .

In conclusion, with this collaboration between two Latin American heavyweights bringing together the love of rhythmically enticing merengue with international level reggaeton beats, “Mi forma De ser” truly showcases originality at its best giving encouragement and self- assurance every time you replay it.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Mi Forma de Ser by Ala Jaza ft. Farruko

Mi Forma de Ser is a popular song that has taken the Latin music scene by storm. The song, performed by Ala Jaza and featuring Farruko, has become an instant hit among fans worldwide. Its catchy tune and infectious beat have made it a fan favorite, prompting many to call it the “song of the summer”. So what makes this song so special? Below are the top 5 facts you need to know about Mi Forma de Ser.

1. “Mi Forma de Ser” is a fusion of traditional Dominican sounds with modern reggaeton beats

One of the most notable aspects of this song is its unique sound which blends traditional merengue rhythms with modern reggaeton beats to create something entirely new. This blend creates a high-energy track that combines contemporary urban vibes with classic Caribbean melodies perfectly.

2. The Music Video Has Generated Over 246 Million Views on YouTube

The popularity of this song can be seen from its staggering views on YouTube; generating over 246 million views as per April 2021! . In just six months after its release last November, it has gained immense traction online resulting in significantly diverse audience engagement across social media platforms such as TikTok , Youtube and other video-streaming apps .

3. It features two powerhouse Latin artists – Ala Jaza & Farruko

Ala Jaza who hails from Dajabon province in northern DR Lafrontiera region at age twenty three started his career playing within grupo musical el camino group (1999-2008) performing lead guitar until he migrated into solo singing projects while Puerto-Rican superstar Farruko adds exceptional vocals styles helping bring tremendous flavour to the record creating contrast distinctiveness amongst each artist presence satisfying their respective fans lyrical expectations.

4.The Lyrics Speak About Self-Love and Empowerment Through Individuality

Aside from having an upbeat tempo and pleasant melodic lines; ‘la forma o maneras’ is melody full of inclusion, that motivate listeners to celebrate their individuality while embracing different aspects that makes each person unique. The lyrics deliver messages such as overcoming insecurities related to beauty standards and society’s expectations whilst spreading universal messages of love simultaneously with a mentality towards self-acceptance.

5. Mi Forma de Ser is Just the Beginning for Ala Jaza

As one of Latin music’s rapidly emerging artists, Mi Forma de Ser proves itself to be just the beginning for Alajaza, indicating an increase in his rising popularity among fans worldwide. With a developing talent on display ranging from performing singing live shows at top-notch concerts & releases having already drawn attention within media and streaming circles; it wouldn’t come off as shock if he misses taking up international accolades alongside prominent names in world music including Farruko himself soon!

In conclusion…

“Mi Forma De Ser” by still radiates originality through its well-crafted production technique bringing uniqueness which are noticeable via various musical interpretational formats bordering merengue mixed with modern genres being dished out within minutes sometimes leaving listeners wanting more! Its combination of iconic rhythms, soulful melodies fused with contemporary sounds has been captivating since last year making this track a must-play regardless if on airwaves or events such as parties – truly embodying pleasurable unhibited fun for exotic lovers around globe!.

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Unleashing My Inner Self with Ala Jaza ft. Farruko: A Journey of Self-Discovery
Unleashing My Inner Self with Ala Jaza ft. Farruko: A Journey of Self-Discovery
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