Win Big with Forma Ideale’s 2015 Sweepstakes: The Ultimate Guide

Win Big with Forma Ideale’s 2015 Sweepstakes: The Ultimate Guide

Short answer forma ideale nagradna igra 2015: Forma Ideale Nagradna Igra 2015 was a promotional campaign run by the Serbian furniture company, offering customers the chance to win prizes by purchasing products and filling out online entry forms. The campaign ran from January to March 2015.

How to Participate in Forma Ideale Nagradna Igra 2015 and Win Big

Are you tired of participating in boring, mundane contests that never seem to reward your efforts? Then look no further than the Forma Ideale Nagradna Igra 2015! This contest is not only exciting and engaging but also offers participants a chance to win big prizes. In this blog post, we lay out all the details on how you can participate in the contest and increase your chances of winning.

Step 1: Register

To participate in this exciting competition, all interested parties must first register at any Forma Ideale store or online via their website. Registration is free, quick and easy; simply provide some basic personal information such as name, address and phone number.

Step 2: Collect Points

After registering for the contest, start collecting points by purchasing products from Forma Ideale stores with discounts ranging from five percent up to thirty percent off retail prices. Earn extra points by visiting their showroom (one point per visit), referring friends who also join (five points per successful referral) or sharing posts about the competition through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. The more points accumulated during the period specified for this lovely contest will determine ranking of participants when determining winners.

Step 3: Win Big!

The best part about participating in this incredible competition is that there are amazing prizes up for grabs! Top performers stand a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip abroad including airfare tickets plus a four-night stay at one of Europe’s most luxurious hotels accompanied with additional benefits . Additionally , there are hundreds of gift vouchers worth different amounts depending on participant rankings ‚ÄĒ these could be used to buy anything available within our stores across Serbia & neighboring countries proving it worthwhile investing time into accumulating those precious points.

It’s important to note that once registered, every subsequent purchase made has double opportunity towards collecting rank-worthy ‚Äúpoints‚ÄĚ which then translate correlatively into bigger rewards upon completion period reached So what‚Äôre you waiting for – get started now for your chance to win big!

In conclusion, the Forma Ideale Nagradna Igra 2015 is an excellent opportunity to have fun while also winning amazing prizes. Remember, registrations are open so hurry up and sign up today. Start collecting points in order to increase your chances of receiving exclusive travel benefits or a gift voucher that you will surely make good use of!

Forma Ideale Nagradna Igra 2015 FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Are you ready to win big? Then look no further than the Forma Ideale Nagradna Igra 2015! This exciting contest has been a fixture in Serbia since it began back in 2004, and is today one of the most popular promotions for furniture and home decor enthusiasts nationwide. But with so many entries coming in each year, there’s bound to be some confusion – that’s why we’re putting together this comprehensive FAQ guide on everything you need to know about the Forma Ideale Nagradna Igra.

Q: What exactly is the Forma Ideale Nagradna Igra?
A: The name may sound complicated at first, but trust us – it’s worth wrapping your head around! “Nagradna igra” simply translates to “prize game” or “sweepstakes”, while “Forma Ideale” means roughly “ideal form”. The promotion itself is essentially a giveaway aimed towards customers who’ve made purchases from any official Forma Ideale retail locations during specific promotional periods (usually several months out of the year).

Q: What are the prizes up for grabs?
A: That’s where things start getting really interesting. Every installment of the competition varies slightly when it comes to what participants can expect if they win; however, past editions have involved anything from brand new living room sets and bedroom furniture collections to exclusive trips abroad or even cash rewards. It all depends on what kind of campaign Forma Ideale has put together.

Q: Who can enter?
A: In general, anyone who meets certain criteria should be able to participate without issue. You’ll typically need to reach a minimum spending threshold at any participating location (often around 5-10k RSD), and provide complete contact information such as your full name, email address or phone number so that organizers can notify you if you’re selected as a winner.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of entries?
A: Yes – each person is usually only allowed to enter once per promotional period, although that could vary depending on the rules set by Forma Ideale in any given year. It’s also important to note that entries are not transferable or redeemable for cash, and cannot be used towards DIY projects or other custom orders.

Q: When does Forma Ideale typically run these promotions?
A: This will also depend somewhat on individual campaigns, but historically you can expect to see at least one sweepstakes happening in both the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons. Keep an eye out for posters advertising the latest edition of Nagradna igra at your nearest retail location!

Of course, there may still be further questions specific to your own circumstances as a potential participant in the contest; if so, don’t hesitate to reach out directly via phone or email for clarification from Forma Ideale customer service representatives. But hopefully this overview has helped give you a comprehensive idea of what awaits when entering this exciting promotion!

Top 5 Facts About Forma Ideale Nagradna Igra 2015 You Didn’t Know

As the dust settles on another successful Forma Ideale Nagradna Igra, it’s time to reflect on some of the most interesting facts and figures from this year’s competition. The Forma Ideale Nagradna Igra is an annual contest that has been running for several years now, offering customers a chance to win exciting prizes by purchasing furniture from one of Serbia’s leading suppliers.

Here are five fascinating facts about Forma Ideale Nagradna Igra 2015 that you may not have known:

1) Over half a million people entered the competition

That’s right – more than 500,000 people in Serbia visited a Forma Ideale store or made an online purchase during the contest period, all with their eyes set on winning one of the fabulous prizes up for grabs. It goes to show just how popular this event has become over recent years.

2) The top prize was worth almost ‚ā¨50,000

Every year, there is always much anticipation surrounding what the grand prize will be at Forma Ideale Nagradna Igra. This time around, lucky winner Slobodan Stojanovińá walked away with a brand new BMW X1 (valued at ‚ā¨47,900), after buying furniture for his home renovation project.

3) There were over 10 million coupons printed

In order to enter into the prize draw at Forma Ideale Nagradna Igra, shoppers had to collect coupons each time they purchased something from one of the company’s stores. That meant printing millions of pieces of paper to keep up with demand!

4) Customers could check if they won via text message

One innovative feature that Forma Ideale introduced last year was allowing entrants to find out instantly whether they had won any of the smaller daily prizes through a simple text message system. Winners simply received an SMS stating what their prize was and how it could be claimed – a convenient and quick way to spread the good news!

5) The competition generated significant media attention

With so many people taking part in the contest, it’s no surprise that Forma Ideale Nagradna Igra generates plenty of buzz each year. Local newspapers, TV stations and radio shows all covered the event extensively, helping to cement its status as one of Serbia’s most well-known marketing campaigns.

So there you have it – five intriguing facts about this year’s Forma Ideale Nagradna Igra that add even more excitement to an already thrilling contest. With another edition just around the corner, who knows what surprises are in store for eager shoppers next time!

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Win Big with Forma Ideale’s 2015 Sweepstakes: The Ultimate Guide
Win Big with Forma Ideale’s 2015 Sweepstakes: The Ultimate Guide
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